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How can I find the right words to thank you. Your kindness and caring mean so much to me and got me my face back!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Cheryl G. "09"

"Dr. Steele is a Godsend.

I suffer from a hormonal disorder known as PCOS which causes excess testosterone in my body and lots of thick dark hair where I don't want it, and where it shouldn't be. I've always felt self-conscious about my excess hair, and had to start getting my moustache waxed when I was in 6th grade! But after just 2 treatments on my upper lip, sideburns, forearms, chin, lower legs, and underarms my hair has been DRASTICALLY reduced. The hair is thinner, lighter, and after even one treatment, some of the follicles were completely destroyed, leaving hairs farther apart and making them less noticeable. Waxing is said to inhibit hair growth, but I never saw results even remotely comparable to the laser treatments!

Despite what I've heard about laser treatments being painful and unpleasant, I actually found it a very comfortable and pleasant experience! The sensation is usually described as a rubber band snapping on your skin, but I felt barely a fraction of that for 90% of the treatment. If there was any sensation at all it felt more like a tiny electric shock or a hot pinprick, a bit stronger than a sudden itch for just a split second.

Not only were the results astonishing and incredible, but I felt like I was getting the Hollywood experience! Dr. Steele is very warm, friendly and professional, and gives detailed after-care instructions to maximize the effectiveness of the treatments. The office is clean-cut and modern with beautiful artwork on the walls (not to mention a marvelous massage chair in the waiting room).

In my opinion this is THE BEST way to remove unwanted hair. In 6 to 8 sessions you can virtually eliminate unwanted hair permanently, with drastically less pain than other methods, friendly and professional care, and a tremendous boost in self-esteem after the results.

If I didn't believe this was the best hair removal method available today, I wouldn't have written this testimonial. I truly believe that if you want your body hair gone, then this is the way to go."

H, female college student, Philadelphia